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         Name: Industrial Dibenzofurane
        Industrial Dibenzofurane

        Molecular Formula: C12H8O
        Molecular Weight: 168.20
        Structural Formula:

        CAS NO.: 132-64-9
        Appearance: White or plae yellow crystal
        Purity(chromatogram): = 95% , = 98%
        Melting Point: 82.8-83 °C
        Boiling Point: 287 °C
        Density: 1.168
        Flash Point: 130 °C
        Packing: 25KG plastic woven bag lined with plastic film.
        Use: It can be used to produce medicine to cure clanorchiasis sinensis, disinfectant, antiseptic and dye; and can also be used to synthesize resin and high-temperature lubricant, etc.  


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